Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Need a Bike

I'm back from two very intense conferences in Princeton.  I only got time on Saturday to stop by the New York City.  Below are two high dynamical range (HDR) pictures. The first one is taken from the Top of the Rock.
The second one is, of course, the Times Square.

Since the semester started, I sent an e-mail to the Harvard University Cycling Association for suggestion on buying a bike:


I'm an astronomy postdoc who wants to bike across America! I'm planning to do it this summer --- after I leave Harvard and before I start my next job. At the same time I also want to do something good for astronomy.

2009 was the international year of astronomy. A group of astronomers, optical engineers, and science educators got together and designed a high-quality, low-cost telescope kit called Galileoscope. There is a program to donate Galileoscopes to those who can't afford buying them:

My very rough idea now is to raise fund to 1) support my trip, and 2) donate the rest of the money to buy Galileoscopes.

I'm wondering if people have any suggestions on a robust touring bike. And if there is a way to get it with discount.


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