Sunday, March 28, 2010

Belmont Wheelworks

Wheelworks has a Spring "SuperSale".  Everything is 10% off.  I went to their Cambridge/Somerville store a few days ago trying to get more gears.  However, the popular Ortlieb panniers were out of stock.  The staffs suggested me to stop by their Belmont store, which is twice as big.

So I took a little 12 km ride today.  I'm actually impressed by the fact that MotionX GPS can e-mail me my track!
I started from CfA, ride on Belmont St. and Trapelo Rd.  And then reached the Belmont Wheelworks store.  It was a easy ride in the suburban area with a short uphill section.  I ordered quite a bit of gears but I will talk about them in another post.  The return trip was all down hill so it's was even easier.  My average speed was 20 km/h ~ 12 mph without loading.

If I start my trip on July 1st and finish it by September 1st, I will have 8 weeks.  Say I take one day off per week, some simple-minded math shows I will need to ride more than 7 hours per day.  If I want to include the heaving load, going up hill, and all that... it is not going to be easy.

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