Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bicycle Touring Maps

I was so busy earlier this week. I applied a Savannah account to host my research code Sila (hence I need to worry about software licensing). Then I helped some postdocs and grad students to prepare their 3D stereo data visualization. Myself had a demonstration in Prof. Goodman's visualization class. And of course, there are few research papers that I suppose to finish...

Anyway, because my trip is going to start in three months, I better "be prepared". At the beginning of this week I ordered a set of totally 12 bicycle touring maps for the TransAmerica Trail from Adventure Cycling Association. The total for non-member is US$165.00. They are not cheap. But when I received the maps I was pretty happy about their quality.
The maps are not printed on normal papers. The feeling is the same as National Geographics' Trails Illustrated Maps, which are tear and water resistant. In terms of the content, I can find detailed direction of the TransAmerica Trail as well as campsite and post office! Post offices indeed play a key role in supporting my trip: I will need a couple of friends to ship gears to me.

There are more campsites along the trail than I expected. I'm hoping to do tent camping for most of the time. That will save more money for buying the Galileoscopes. Oh... by the way, I finally ordered one for myself so I can take it across America!

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