Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bike Re-engineering

Last night I had one of my most insane (but fun) experiences. I joined the Subversive Choppers Urban Legion (SCUL, see also wikipedia) and rode with them in the Cambridge area.

Long story short, I was building a circuit to charge my cell phone and computer with my bike. I needed some advices on choosing rechargeable batteries. So on Saturday, I showed up in SCUL's mission and tried to introduce myself (as well as my bike trip). I didn't have change to say much, but the people there were so nice that I ended up riding with them.

The ride was totally unexpected so I didn't take my camera. Here are few pictures that I took with my cell phone:
Look at these totally insane bikes! You can tell how impressive these people are (oh... and I'm part of them)! Alright alright, I didn't take myself a picture. In order to prove I was actually there, take a look at the SCUL photo gallery...

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