Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Count Down: 2 more days

June 28th, sunny

Two more days, still packing!

I will arrive the hotel in Vigrinia at June 30th midnight (or July 1st very early morning). Therefore, when I shipped my bike and camping gears with UPS, I made them arrive on July 1st. This ensures that I will be in the hotel to take care their arrival.

I just checked my shipping receipts. The total weight of my bike and the camping gears is about 85 lbs. I am not one of those extreme light-weight-backpackers who cuts off the handler of their toothbrushes to save weight. However, I did use my backpacking experience to pick the minimal list. And I also try to find all the "ultralight gears" I have. Anyway, just the weight will the trip tough.

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