Thursday, June 3, 2010

Biking with Friends in Hong Kong

I attended the KIAA Disk Workshop in Beijing and then stopped by Hong Kong to take care my visa.  On Sunday (May 30th) my friends and I rode a popular bike route.  The route is in a "sub-urban" area, although sub-urban still means lots of people.  We started in Tai Wai (大圍) and rode to Tai Mei Tuk (大尾篤).
The above google map roughly shows the route, except we bike along the coast most of the time.  The total distance is about 20km.  We had a large group of people so we rode slowly.  Unfortunately it was a rainy day.  The weather was just too wet for us to enjoy the ride.

Hong Kong is crowed.  Even horses live in apartments.  This is a picture I took near Penfold Park (彭福公園), where is indeed the Hong Kong Jockey Club Racecourse:
We then pedalled along Tolo Highway (吐露港公路) and stopped by the Hong Kong Science Park (香港科學園).
In the left picture, the "golden egg" is the main auditorium name after Prof. Charles Kuen Kao (高錕).  In the right, my friend was trying out the fancy bike inside the park.

We did a Hong Kong style BBQ after we arrived Tai Mei Tuk.  Look at all the tasty food!
And a few pictures taken by my friends:
You may wonder how to make the smiley face.  It's indeed easy. We simply use honey to draw the face on the bread before putting it on the fire. :)

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