Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bike Stolen

Extremely busy week as usual... I'm working very hard with Martin on our Sila paper. Yet I promised to take pictures of the Sixth Harvard-Smithsonian Conference on Theoretical Astrophysics so I need to sit in the conference room for all time. Last but not least, I have to prepare my trip to Beijing for the KIAA Disk Workshop.

So Wednesday night, I biked back to CfA from the conference dinner (with > 300 pictures in my camera). I was hoping to go home early because I was so tired, but I decided to stay in order to edit the pictures, finish a section in the paper, and reply a few e-mails.

Around 3am, when I'm ready to leave, my bike was gone.  More precisely, most part of my bike was gone.  Only the rear wheel and rack remained there:

What should I do? :-(

Location:Garden St,Cambridge,United States

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  1. that is so sad. I've got 2 stolen last year. it was worse than losing anything else, and for you it must be even worse.

    but, it helps a lot just not to buy a new one as if it were a ware like any other.

    build a new one with spare parts.
    buy a 2nd hand one.
    get an old one and fix it.

    and then watch this: