Thursday, May 6, 2010

Galileoscope Arrived!

Yeah~! The Galileoscope I ordered a month ago is finally here! Here is how it looked like right after it arrived my office:

Opened the box... Here is everything inside.  As you can tell the Galileoscope is pretty simple.
There is a set of two lenses form the primary lens.  I just put them on top of each other and place it in the main tube.
The eyepiece is a bit more complicated but still it is very easy to put together.  It only took me couple minutes so I forgot to take pictures! Oops...

Anyway, I had my camera tripod in my office, so I simply screwed it on.  So here is my lovely Galileoscope working right there!
I have to say the image quality is pretty good.  I can even place my iPhone right next to the eyepiece and take this picture:

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