Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 32: Ash Grove to Pittsburg

August 1st, sunny all day

Alright, today is August 1st. I have been on my bike for a month; and there's another month to go. I just use up half of my time.

It may be worthwhile to summarize my journey so far. It is very enjoyable. I saw new things, met new people everyday. I also paid attentions to small details that I don't usually care, which brings me new ideas and new insight about life.

The journey is physically demanding but it makes my mind very relax. I have used a "research first" approach to live since grad school. I love research, but putting it on top of everything else is a bad idea. In the last month, there was no way I can do any research work --- I was so tired after pedaling for a whole day and I couldn't even finish my blog! But once I while, when I am biking a boring section, my mind "zooms out" and a few very creative (and probably crazy) idea fly in. After I move to Sweden, I really should work these ideas out.

Go back to today's journey: when I woke up this morning, my tents and all my gears were dry. I was super happy about that because I don't need to spend time hanging them under the sun. I packed my gears very quickly and stopped by a supermarket. Unlike a gas station, there was no coffee or hot breakfast so I just bought a cold sandwich and left.

The ride to Golden City was pretty easy. I made couple day-ride bikers. They told me that there was a large group of bikes having lunch together in town. I tried to pedal faster to join them. But when I arrive they were all gone. Anyway, the food there was good. And the pie was wonderful!

The afternoon was a ride across state. I finished the day at Pittsbutg, Kansas.

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