Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 33: Pittsburg to Chanute

August 2nd, sunny

For the people who think Kentucky (or Illinois) is flat, you haven't been to Kansas!!!

I work up pretty early in the morning but found the breakfast provided by the motel is too small. There is a Walmart and couple fast food across the street so I decided to take an adventure. Not everything were open. I went into a Starburst and order a mocha and a muffin. I didn't like Starburst that much because of all those fair trade coffee etc. But I have to say I miss it quite a bit. I took my iPad with me so I enjoyed the free wifi and typed up part of this blog. I also bough some grounded coffee. I have a camping coffee filter with me but I haven't used it. I should make some morning coffee sometime.

After leaving Starburst, I went to Walmart to get some showering stuff. Then I went back to the hotel, check out, and started today's journey. To ride to Girard was very easy. The route was flat, the weather was cool.

It got hotter in the afternoon. But because the flatness of the land, the ride remained very enjoyable. I was not as luck as yesterday to have a tailwind. But the headwind was not that strong anyway, so I just enjoyed it to cool myself down.

At the intersection of highway 146 and highway 57, there was road construction, the bike route was close for 7 miles. I didn't have much option so I took a detour on highway 57. The distance was longer but it was not that bad. And the traffic was alright.

Since Highway 57 brought me to downtown Chanute, I stepped into the historical hotel. It has laundry and is not super expensive so I stayed there. Dinner was a sub in a small restaurant near the hotel.

Location:E Main St,Chanute,United States

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