Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 0: Leaving Boston

June 30th, sunny

Today is the "zeroth" day of my journey.

I was packing until 4am last night and slept for only an hour. I then moved all my personal belongings to the CfA.
The movers will come later this month (July) to pick up my stuffs and books. In the morning, I attended Ramesh's group meeting for a few minutes to say good bye to everyone. Around 1pm, Ann drove me to the airport. (Thank you so much, Ann!)

I did not fly directly to Virginia because of my visa problem. Instead, I went to Toronto first and re-entered the US using my traveler visa.
The process was smooth. And I am now a real traveler. My journey becomes official!

After that, I transferred at Philadelphia, got my dinner there, and finally arrived Newport News in Virginia. The flight was a bit late and I arrived the inn around 12:30am.
My bike hasn't arrived. I just check using the UPS website. My bike is still in Richmond, about an hour away from Newport News. I hope it will arrive tomorrow morning so I can start my trip early.

I was trying to buy the iPad digital camera kit. Unfortunately it was out of stock for many places in Boston or even the online store. I haven't found another way to post picture from my iPad... I will probably need a desktop somewhere.

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