Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 2: Jamestown to Glendale (39.5 miles)

July 2nd, sunny in morning, mostly sunny in afternoon

With a good sleep on the beach, I woke up at 6am, packed everything, and left the Jamestown Beach Park by 7am.
I stopped by the Jamestown Settlement, which is right next to the park, to clean myself up and had my breakfast (again leftover from last night).

Today's journey is mainly along the Capital Trail. Most part of the trail has beautiful bike lane. And the temperature was around 18'C in the morning --- just perfect for biking. I met a lady, Carrie (sorry if I got your name wrong), and showed her my Galileoscope. She didn't think it's too crazy to carry a telescope on such a long distance bike trip because I am an astronmer! If the timing is right, I may visit Karen when I arrive Oregon.

After pedaling for an hour, I stopped by the Chickahominy Riverfront Park. It is a very nice campsite! I regretted that I didn't go for an extra hour last night to camp here --- the nice bike lane on Capital Trail would keep me safe. Anyway, I went into the campsite and took a quick shower. And I posted on Facebook my bad joke "Good campers shower, great campers smell". Too bad I am not yet a great camper...
The Capital Trail also passes through a couple historical sites, beautiful homes, as well as some farms.

There was a short section of climb right before entering the Richmond National Battlefield Park. I didn't really climb a slope with full gear before. I was so tired and rested/slept half hour on the field after climbing up!
A road was closed in the park so I needed to take a detour. That confused me quite a bit --- the bike map is just not detailed enough to show all the local roads.

Anyway, I was able to find the store and the biker friendly Willis United Methodist Church.
Around 6pm, I bike back to the store and bought some meat. I then cooked myself a dinner and spent a good night in the church.
At night, I re-tuned my bike, including the brakes and the seat positions.
I really want to thank these very nice people who keep the church open to bikers.

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