Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 9: Mallard Duck Campground to Buchanan (38 miles)

June 9th, cloudy in the morning, sunny in afternoon. storm in evening

Alright, so this is a beautiful picture of the droplets after the heavy thunderstorm last night. I am very happy with my Mountain Hardwear tent. It survived the storm very well and I stayed dry when I woke up.
The Mallard Duck Campground is indeed very nice. It is located right next to the Sheep Creek. I wonder why it's not called the "Sheep Campground".

The sun didn't seem to come out. I therefore packed my tent wet. It was a very cool morning. I wear my jacket and had a very enjoyable ride to the historical town Lexington. I met two girls on the way. They were also riding with full gears. I was wondering if they were doing the TransAmerica as well.

In Lexington, I had a light brunch and visit a couple interesting places.
After that, I continued heading west. I saw a couple animals on that day.
The bike route is mostly parallel to interstate 81. It was noisy but the triffic was light. I enjoyed the fun of going up and down...

In late evening, another thunderstorm seemed to come. I was in Buchanan when it started raining. Therefore, I stayed in Buchanan for a night and enjoyed my fancy Germany dinner in the hotel, with Germany beer, of course.

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