Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 26: Carbondale to Chester

July 26th, mostly sunny

I have done so many things today. This morning, I stayed in the hotel lobby to upload pictures. After checking out at 11, I brought Bikexus to a local bike store and had it tuned up. I asked the people in the bike shop, it seems Bikexus is still very heathy. I can probably pedal with it for another 1000 miles. After that, I went to the Carbondale post office to mail may passport to Washington DC so they can put my working permit on it.

After done all of these, I finally started biking around 4pm. The ride to Murphysboro was short and easy. I finished the third map!!! Because I still got some time, I decided to move on Chester.

Unfortunately I over estimate my speed even on flat route. The sun was set when I arrived Rockwood, which is 11 miles away from Chester. I pulled out my flash lights and pedaling in dark. The experience is remarkable. However it is also dangerous. I was lucky enough to arrived Chester safely. There was a very nice pickup driver stopped by and asked if I need help. He pointed me to the Best Western hotel. It's expensive but it was so late that I didn't complaint.

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