Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 7: Charlottesville to Afton (30.5 miles)

July 7th, sunny all day, very hot

Keeping myself cool and clean for a day, my eczema was a bit better, at least I didn't have pain anymore. The sun was still burning but I better started again.

I went to the downtown post office to ship my old bike seat and extra gears in the morning. I was so disappointed by google map because it gave me wrong locations and information. The first office I found was actually 60 miles away from Charlottesville but google maps said it's within campus. The second office was closed like three years ago. Come on, Charlottesville is not that small... Google should take care its map better.

Anyway, I realized that I had not taken any picture of the University of Virginia so I spent some time in the campus doing that:
The campus is beautiful, isn't it? I wished it was not as hot so I could enjoy it better.

I took breaks often because of the heat. The temperature was over 100'F. I believe it was the hostest day of the year!
When I was near Greenwood, I stopped by the following farme market. They have lots of cool things there. Their peach ice cream made my day!
I also chatted with an old gentleman for half hour outside the market. He offered me to stay with his family but I decided to move on to Afton --- the Cookie Lady is there! Before I took off, the owner of the market was very nice and fill up my water bottles.

At evening, I climbed a very steep section to Afton. The are couple places that I just got off and walked my bike, Bikexus, up to the mountain.
Afton is a small town, but it has special meaning to many bikers. On the top of the mountain, there is a biker's house. The house is owned by the Cookie Lady. She actually saw me approaching and waited for me at her front door. After a long chat --- she told many great stories --- I got the keys and went into the biker's house.
Isn't it amazing? Many bikers have stopped by this house of warm and love. There are good record of everyone who stayed there, lots of postcard, and some old bikes. Everything in there has their own story. The biker's house is probably one of the best bicycle museum in the world!

Dinner was some can food and snake from the biker's house.
And the night sky was nice. I may dream of other bikers since I'm staying in the biker's house.

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