Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 17: Buckhorn to Berea (67 miles)

July 17th, mostly sunny during the day, mostly cloudy in evening

Today is another meaningful day for me because I finish the second section of the TransAmerica Trail.

The biker I met yesterday in the campsite left pretty early. Before he left, I took a picture of his bike. Look at his gears --- he's a much tougher man than I am. I also took a couple other pictures of the park.
Right after I left the campsite, I got three crazy dogs chasing me. They were very aggrestive. I pedaled as fast as I could but they keep tracing me for a good five minutes. I had some dog problems after I entered Kentucky but this is the worse so far.

Other than the dogs, it was a pretty good day. In late afternoon it became cloudy so the temperture did went too high. I kept passing big farms and beautiful fields.
People were very friendly on the road. When I was near McKee, a pickup truck slowed down near me. The lady inside asked if I need some water. My water bottles were pretty full but I still want to thank her very much.

I probably started the day too late and it got pretty dark as I approach Berea. There was a long speed downhill section near Bighill. The view was amazing because the sun was setting but I didn't stop to take a picture --- I just want to arrive Berea before it got too dark.

When I was entering Berea, I met some bad people. I was riding on a narrow road and there was a pickup truck passed by. The guy sitting on the passeger sit opened the window and throwed a soda/beer can to me! The can didn't hit me but what the hack? Almost all people I met so far are very friendly and helpful, but there are just some people who don't respect others. Also, after I entered Berea, there was a car on the other side of the raod passing, which got extremely close to me! Well, I did have my lights on, but it was probably too dark for the driver to see me.

Anyway, I arrived the intersection where the second map ends. The historical Boone Tavern Hotel was right there so I checked in and spent a good night there.

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