Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 21: Bardstown to Hudson (71 miles)

July 21st, storm in morning, mostly sunny in afternoon

There was a storm in the morning so I stayed in the hotel even though I woke up pretty early. My friends suggested me to clean up my camera sensor after looking at the pictures I just uploaded. I therefore spent the morning taking care my photo equipments. The sky then cleared up, I was ready to go.

I rode into My Old Kentucky Home State Park but didn't find it too interesting so I left. The route was typical Kentucky and it was not terribly hot so I pretty much enjoyed the ride.

I reached the Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Site at 4pm. It sounded more interesting than the other park so I stopped by and took couple pictures. Although I'm not American, I feel bad that I didn't know Lincoln was born in Kentucky in a pioneer family.

I could camp or stay in an inn at the Historical Site. But it was still early so I moved on. The evening ride was even more enjoyable. The temperature was cooler, the view remained beautiful. I passed a couple fields that was full of butterflies.

Around 9pm when the sun was almost set, I arrived a gas station near Hudson. My map indicated there's a campsite so I asked the owner of the gas station. He is such a nice person! He not only allowed me to camp at his gas station, provided me shower and water, he even asked me to join his family's dinner, for free! I ended up getting two pieces of tasty pizza.

At night, the sky was pretty good. I pull out my Galelioscope and looked at the moon at the gas station. The owner stopped by and chatted with me a little bit. It was a great day!

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