Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 16: Pippa Passes to Buckhorn (53.5 miles)

July 16, mostly sunny, heavy rain in the afternoon

Let me just put two more pictures of the Alice Lloyd College campus. I really want to thank the officers again for letting me camp outside the dorm.

It was mostly sunny but not too hot. The ride from Pippa Passes to Hindman was fine --- except there were lots of big trucks on the road. I'm not sure, but it seems Hindman is surrounded by mining areas.
Cloud started to build up in the afternoon --- all the sudden it rained extremely badly. I took a break under a bridge near Dwarf and used my phone to update my facebook status. For people who want to follow more closely to my journey, I suggest you to friend me in facebook. It is much more update than this blog!

After Dwarf, I needed to pass 5 or 6 hills. Each of them is like 500 feet high and they are all steep. The sun came out again and the condition became really bad for bikers. I felt like biking in a steam cooker again.
And the day didn't end like that. After some downhill sections, there were 3 more climbs before I finally arrived Buckhorn.

The Buckhorn Lake State Park was indeed very nice. There was another biker, who's heading east, arrived a few minutes before I did. We could save some money by sharing the campsite if we met a little bit earlier. I bought some ham before I entered the park and realized that's too much for my dinner so I shared it with the other biker. I also did my shower and laundry, and got a good sleep with clean clothes.

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