Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 8: Afton to Mallard Duck Campground (42.5 miles)

July 8th, hot and hazy in the day, extremely bad rain at night

Let me first put more pictures about the biker house:
The pictures are not as fancy as the ones I took last night but you can get a better sense of the surrounding. And, this is a picture of the Cookie Lady June Curry. She is one of the most beautiful minded persion I met! Before I took off, she reminded me to bring extra water and food for today's trip because there is nothing on the mountain.

After saying good bye (and returning the key) to the Cookie Lady, I started my ride to one of the highest points that I will pass in Virgina. It is a long ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
I was unlucky that it was very hazy. I asked couple motorcycle riders. They all said the view is usually much cleaner and better.
After the climb, there was a very long speedy downhill section. I kept holding my brakes. I stopped once to check if Bikexus's brakes were alright. They were all good but the wheel was extremely hot.

My original destination was Lexington. But I guess the uphill part took me too long. The sun had set and the sky became dark. I also heard thundering so I ended up camping in the Mallard Duck Campground. It rained very heavily right after I setup my tent and finished my dinner. And... the rain drops made the best music to put me into sleep.

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