Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 10: Bachanan to Christiansburg (66.5 miles)

July 10th, cloudy in morning, partly cloudy in afternoon, perfect day for cycling

Today marks a milestone on my journey. I finished the first section of TransAmerica Tail (based on twelve maps from Adventure Cycling Association). I have ridden 367.5 miles so far. The average speed is only 36.75 miles per day. Yes I am riding pretty slowly.

However, today is the first time I pedaled more than 60 miles. I am still behind schedule --- not my own 62-day trip schedule, but the standard 77-days schedule. Because it seems that I can handle longer rides now, there is still hope that I can finish he whole TransAmerica Trial.

So let's start the day with a very cute picture of the cat outside the hotel,
together with a couple cool pictures of the sky and landscape. In the lower-right picture, it seems somebody has a telescope in his/her backyard!
Most part of the route had pretty light traffic. And the views were beautiful. Unfortunately, there are places that I needed to pass the "standard" part of America. (The standard Americian highways and gas stations are totally amazing too, if you think about the scale of the system.)

And this is just surreal to me --- some industory located in a beautiful mountain, doesn't it feel like the lab in the movie "The Island"?
Here are more pictures along the ride. There are wild flowers everywhere.
I still don't konw what these buildings are... can anyone tell me?
Later in the evening, I went by some farms and here are some of those.

The following left panel is just a funny tunnel. However, the right panel marks the end of the first (or the eleventh if people start from west) section of the TransAmerica Trail. I know the picture is not elegant, but I was just too lazy to pull out my tirpod for one picture.
The night sky outside budget inn in Christiansburg was ok. I took a couple pictures and then crashed down to the bed.

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