Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 6: Rest in Charlottesville

July 6th, sunny all day, very hot

Before I started my bike trip, one the most comprehensive "homeworks" that I did was on bike-related pain. Long distance biking can cause a lot of problems. Some serious ones include achilles tendons, finger numbness, etc.

Because of the heat yesterday, I got some eczema on my lower body --- eventhough I wear good bike shorts and change sitting position all the times! To avoid making my eczema worse, I stayed in Charlottesville for an extra day.

I went to a local bike shop to find a better bike seat. The people there were very helpful. They also helped me to optimize the seat position.
Because I got an extra seat, I planned to ship my old one, together with some gears that I didn't really used in the last few days, back to Boston. The post office were close when I left the bike shop so I will ship them tomorrow morning.

I got my dinner in the beautiful downtown area. When I was having my Jambalaya, I pulled out my iPad and wrote a few days of blog. There was no picture yet --- all the pictures you are seeing now are uploaded later from desktop computers in hotels and libraries.
I chatted a bit with two guys who sat next to me. We talked a bit about my bike trip, the Galileoscope, and my iPad. Apperantly they are both professors.
I took the following picture from the parking lot of my hotel. Charlottesville is not a huge city. But the light really has bad effect to the sky.

It is a nice day off. Hopefully I recharge enough so I can do a long ride tomorrow.

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