Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 4: Ashland to Mineral (42.5 miles)

July 4th, sunny all day

My bicycle now has a name: Bikexus!!!

I woke up this morning and check my facebook message. My friend suggested using "bikexus", which of course is the geeky shorthand for "bike (a)cross united states", as my bike's name. Alright, Bikexus, you are going to be my best friend in the coming two months.

Today's tour remains easy and nice. I rolled over small hills, passed clean streams, and stopped by couple churches.

The highlight of the day was reaching Lake Anna. The lake is beautiful. But I was a bit dissapointed that most areas around the lake are private properties. I couldn't really find a place to take a good rest. There is actually a state park on the other side of the Lake, but it is a few miles off route so I didn't go there.

At evening, I arrived a small town Mineral. There is no motel or any official campsite. Nevertheless, I am allowed to camp in the backyard of the "biker friendly" fire station. I could even get into it and take shower etc.

I felt like making some soup but my cookset was too small for that. So I bought a big can of Arizona Sweet Tea (and two eggs) from the gas station. Cutting the big can open made a perfectly good pot for the soup!

Well, today is Fourth of July, the Independent Day of United States. I guess Mineral is too small to have a citywise firework event. Nevertheless, individual houses did have their own. I was able to capture a few of them with my camera.

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